High Powered Protection Dog Training

Address: 6130 West Flamingo Rd # 729 Las Vegas, NV 89103 | Phone: (702) 683-3870

High Powered Protection Dog Training provides several services like training dogs for protection, protection dogs for sale, K9 rescue and K9 adoptions. We started doing this 25 years ago and since then we’ve made lots of people happier because they feel safer at their homes. We are proud to say that we are the protection dog club in the Southern Nevada Area.

Professional dog training in Las VegasWe serve the entire Las Vegas Valley.

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Citizen K9 Club & Rescues also acts as a temporary foster home for rescued dogs. All dogs receive medical care before adopted out. They are trained K9 style with the exception of protection training. Adoption fees are only to recuperate the cost of the dog’s training and boarding during their brief stay with their foster parents.

Citizen K9 Club & Rescues does not breed or sell puppies. However we do train and sell dogs however all dogs are privately owned and certified by High Powered Protection Dog Training for personal protection or patrol work!