High Powered Protection Dog Training

Address: 6130 West Flamingo Rd # 729 Las Vegas, NV 89103 | Phone: (702) 683-3870

High Powered Protection Dog Training
Mission statement: Our primary mission is to provide the highest quality instruction in k-9 personal protection for civilians and their dogs.
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High Powered Protection Dog Training
Address: 6130 West Flamingo Rd # 729 Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (702) 683-3870

K-9 training in Las Vegas

K9 police dog trainingThe good dog training always first starts out by identifying the task at hand. Even though most police k9 training involves biting sooner or later the difference is, under what circumstance should the dog be allowed to bite? To better understand this we must first separate and examine the numerous different circumstances under which police and military dogs are allowed to bite.



Dog obedience in Las Vegas

Good dog behaviourObedience training is quite simply training your dog to be obedient. It includes training them the basic commands including: sit, stay, heel, come and so on. Dog training with positive reinforcement creates bond that will last a lifetime and using a clicker is the most effective and efficient tool to accomplish the task.


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Dog service in Las Vegas

Professional dog service in Las VegasEach dog has been chosen for its good health, temperament and training ability. Once selected, the dog is assigned to a handler who must also meet certain requirements.

Dogs have one of the most acute senses of smell of any creature in the animal world. This not only allows them to detect the presence of prohibited or regulated substances, but more importantly, to pinpoint their locations.

A service dog is a dog that helps a person who has a physical disability that’s unrelated to sight or hearing.  (Guide dogs for the blind and the visually impaired, and hearing dogs for the deaf and hearing impaired, fall into a different category of assistance dogs.)  Service dogs assist individuals with many tasks, enabling them to live more independent lives.

Dog trainer in Las Vegas

Experienced dog trainers in Las VegasDog training has rapidly evolved over the past few decades and it can be confusing for a dog owner new to training to figure out how to hire a dog trainer. Dog training is a tremendously rewarding career. One should remember first of all that, for the most part, training is a “service” profession and that one is usually working with people who happen to have dogs. In other words, you are working with animals but you are primarily working with people.



Pet trainer in Las Vegas

Pet trainer in Las VegasAll our pet trainers are highly qualified, and are continually updating their skills, allowing us to provide the most up-to-date training techniques and expertise. The most important time in your pet’s life is right now. A puppy or kitten comes into this world and immediately begins learning from their surroundings and every interaction they have with their littermates, a person or another animal. Your pet’s behavior is constantly changing. A pet that is well-behaved today will not necessarily remain that way forever. New problems can always develop.

Excellent dog training service.

Professional and affordable at the same time. It's only fair to recommend Citizen K9 Protection Dog Training. Great to have you guys here in Las Vegas.