High Powered Protection Dog Training

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Some dogs will often be overly stressed in a group class setting or not do the unwanted behavior when in public. Therefore in-home sessions can be the most beneficial way to really help the dog achieve his/her true potential.

Finding a suitably qualified and knowledgeable pet trainer can be full of pitfalls for well-intentioned dog owners. Training practitioners might have a bewildering array of letters after their names, some of which have no real meaning.

The best pet trained in Las Vegas

We believe dogs are intelligent creatures with a great capacity to learn.  It is not necessary to push, pull or choke your dog to teach good manners.  Nor is it necessary to maintain a constant flow of treats.  Dogs learn faster and prove to be more reliable when taught with loving leadership, trust, respect and positive motivation. We accept all types and ages of dogs.

The most fundamental principle in dog training is that the handler must know how each maneuver, act, technique, method and position is accomplished before he/she can properly train the dog. High Powered Protection Dog Training also provides suitable K9 training in Las Vegas.

We have all raised, trained and shared our home with mans best friend, the pet dog. We understand what it means to “want” a well behaved family pet.  We know whether you raise your pet dog from a puppy or open your home to a rescue dog you will need to commit to managing their everyday home environment. You will need to invest time training them so they can happily fit into your human world.